Charanjit Singh Chani – Into His Own World, Literally

Charanjit Singh Channi is going to lead the third party in Punjab. He is son of the famous Punjab Chief Minister JK Singh and has been given a high position in the party. This is a big change from what happened in the earlier period when there was no system and the CM was selected by the party workers and then later on given the responsibility of leading the party.

If the latest development is to be believed, Charanjit Singh will be the next CM in Punjab. He is already the Chairman of the party and is expected to be elected as the next Chief Minister of Punjab by the party members at a meeting which is scheduled for next month. If this happens, this would be the beginning of a major change in the political structure of the state of Punjab.

If the latest reports are to be believed, there are some big shifts that are going to take place in the structure of the party. Singh is also expected to make some key appointments which will signal a major change in the structure of the Punjab party. There are some rumors floating around saying that Chani will try to become the next Prime Minister of the country but he is not confirmed yet and it is too early to say anything concrete.

Another change that Chani is expected to bring into the party is the elevation of Sajjan Singh, who is currently the chief minister of the province. Sajjan Singh has held the portfolios of finance, tourism and culture and is considered one of the most powerful men in the province. He has led his party in a stable manner and is trusted by his cabinet colleagues. His rise to the top has been quite a remarkable one but it would have been a bit easier if he had won over the contest from Subhas Chandra Bose. However, his defeat to Bose has cast a shadow over the future of Singh.

The next scheduled party function is slated to be conducted at the Margao Palace in New Delhi on 7 February. It is seen as a crucial time for Singh to get the kind of mandate that he is looking for. Some people are speculating that there might be a reshuffle in the cabinet in the run up to the polls. This is mainly because the Congress is doing well in the state and the saffron party seems to be losing ground. Some insiders say that there could be Singh’s move to consolidate his hold on power coming anytime soon.

The next phase of Singh’s career in New Delhi is at a crossroads. Will he choose to wait for an opportune time to step down from power or should he go ahead and contest for the national assembly election as an independent candidate? Some analysts say that Singh has to make this decision at the right time. If he is confident of winning the election for the Congress, he has no reason to scrap plans to contest for the national assembly seat. However, if there is another form of election in the pipeline, Singh should sit and analyze whether it is better for him or not.

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